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My eczema and that of my new baby cleared up as soon as we started using the filter.

The Healthy Vitamin Shower Filter

Kate T.

Our town water gets sometimes chlorinated to a level of un-drinkability. even boiling it to make a tea doesn't remove taste and smell of chlorine. Not willing to buy bottled water I started to look for a solution. Searching the internet I realised that a single stage carbon filter will do the job so I purchased the Single Stage 5 micron Carbon Block Benchtop Water Filter, it was delivered in a few days. Installation took only a few minutes and the filter was put to use by delivering tasty, drinkable water. The tea and coffee tastes much better now. Cute, practical and inexpensive solution. Thank you!

 Single Stage Counter Top Water Filter System + 1 micron 100% Coconut Carbon Filter Cartridge


Upon research into the various metals and chemicals that saturate our water supply i was prompted to buy my self the My Water Filter Benchtop Reverse Osmosis System (RO 4000). It was easy to install, and all I do is fill a whole bunch of glass bottles i bought from the 2 dollar shop and line them up along the windowsill. I wouldn’t call myself new age but I’ve been drinking filtered water for months now and brushing my teeth with de-fluorinated toothpaste, my teeth feel stronger, and I haven’t had a headache for a month now (placebo affect???). Scary thing that I found in my searches was that the Nazi’s in world war 2 used to use fluoride to sedate people in the death camps (I know right WTF), and the stuff they put in the water isn’t even the naturally occurring kind of fluoride its a radio active by product from nuclear fusion power industries. Just make the right decision for yourselves and do your research. Excellent unit, User friendly and connects to my laundry sink tap (out of the way).

MWF Benchtop Reverse Osmosis System (RO 4000)


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